September 14, 2023, was a busy day for our club! Not only did we host our monthly dinner meeting at the Shanty on 19th, we participated in two other events. At 10 AM that morning, four volunteers from our club, Deb Lamb, Karen Baker, Enos Martin and Tom Harp reported to Camp Mountain House in Salisbury Township for a United Way “Day of Caring” Project. There, we were met by Girl Scouts staff, and volunteers from local businesses. Enos and Tom painted the floors of several tent platforms, while Karen and Deb painted railings around the main lodge. Weather was perfect for the event! Sunny and cool. We worked hard but had a good time doing it. It is a beautiful camp in a bucolic setting. We were happy to add to the pristine quality of the facilities, to be enjoyed by local Girl Scouts year-round. This year’s “Day of Caring” was highly successful, mobilizing 1,500 volunteers and benefitting 53 non-profit organizations!
United Way Day of Caring 2023 1
Working Hard!
United Way Day of Caring 2023 2
Karen Painting