Playground Cleanup 2022 1On Saturday, April 23, 2022, Enos and Susan Martin, Terry Kennedy and Tom Harp met at the Sixth Street Shelter in downtown Allentown to clean up their children’s playground. We arrived at 10 AM and were met by their Director of Development Julie Huber. The playground is fenced in and was locked for several months. There was litter, piles of leaves and weeds growing everywhere. It was obvious that the playground had not been used or maintained for at least six months. Terry and Tom picked up litter and leaves while Enos and Susan dug out weeds. Playground Cleanup 2022 2Eventually, a couple of interns from the shelter joined us by raking leaves and wiping down the playground equipment. After two hours we were exhausted, and their dumpster was filled to the brim. There was a large pile of donated mulch outside the fence that we could not get to. We provided feedback to Julie about our experiences and suggestions. We hope to follow up with the director of the facility to restore the playground to the point where it is safe for the children to enjoy.