Kiwanis One Day

We volunteered to clean up the Joseph Daddona Terrace Park (Union Terrace) as our part in the Kiwanis One Day event on April 2, 2016. The Friends of Allentown Parks organization arranged to have rakes, gloves and plastic bags ready for us to pick litter out of Cedar Creek and the UT pond.

It rained the night before the event and the forecast was for heavy showers all morning. So, as coordinator of the project, Tom Harp notified three other club volunteers and the Salisbury High School Key Club that the project was postponed. This turned out to be premature! Tom reported to the park early to find out that the rain was stopping, and Beverly from the Friends of Allentown Parks was already there with the supplies. Then, three volunteers from the Salisbury Key Club arrived, and we decided to give the project a go. For the next two hours we filled up ten garbage bags with litter pulled out of the creek and pond.
We had to work around fishermen, since that morning was the opening of trout season! It made the cleanup more challenging, but the anglers were very accommodating, and several thanked us for our efforts to beautify the waterways. The students were great to work with, and we actually had fun mucking around in our wet sneakers. Thanks to the Salisbury Key Club for making this project a success!