On August 16, 2023, our club participated in the first annual “Back to School Bash” organized by the Allentown School District, at Cedar Beach Park in Allentown. Rain from the day before postponed the event from the 15th to the 16th. Weather was perfect, with low humidity and a nice breeze. Enos Martin and Tom Harp arrived at the scene at 11 AM to set up our table. Enos created a display featuring our Service Leadership Programs
(SLP). We erected a canopy over the table, and laid out Early Learning Guides, information about SLP’s, a candy dish and two gift baskets to be raffled off. The event was supposed to start at 1:00 PM, but as soon as our table was ready at noon, a flood of children and their families poured down on us! Visitors to our table were non-stop until our shift ended at 2:30 PM. The candy dish was empty, but replenished by our reliever,
Kathryn Best. Allentown Northeast Kiwanis Club President Diane Farleigh joined her. Later in the afternoon, Deb Lamb, Terry Kennedy and Karen Baker staffed our table, along with Dr. Blankowitsch of the ANE Club. Tom and Enos returned after 6 PM to break down our display and to draw raffle tickets. Tom dropped off the gift baskets to the lucky winners. We easily gave away over 700 Early Learning Guides, and had several inquiries about Key Clubs, Builders Clubs, and K-Kids Clubs in the ASD. We hope that this will result in new members in existing clubs, and the development of new SLP’s in the district. The event was expected to draw 6,000 people, but it was likely that more than 10,000 attended. A very successful day for the school district and for us!

Back To School Bash 1
Our Club Display
Back To School Bash 2
Enos explaining SLPs
Back To School Bash 3
Allen HS Canary Cheerleaders