On September 14, 2023, the Raub Middle School held its annual “Back to School” event in the evening for parents and students. Enos Martin, our advisor to the Raub Builders Club created a display for the event and was there to represent us. Here is his report:

“Our club participated in this annual event to welcome the parents and students back to school. We have used this as a recruiting event for the Raub Builders Club for several years. This year was by far the most successful with 18 students signing up as interested in joining the club. Despite the fact that attendance overall seemed less than in the past, many parents and students showed interested in the display which highlighted the club’s past year’s activities. With this interest, we hope to grow the club and provide opportunities for the students to serve the school and the local community while learning leadership skills.”

Congratulations to the Raub Builders Club and thank you Enos for your service!

Raub "Back to School" Event 2023 1
President Karelyn Amparo