2021 LVCC Christmas Party 1

On Friday, December 10, 2021, our club hosted its 15th Annual LVCC Christmas Party at the LVCC South Mountain Center in Allentown. Due to continuing COVID restrictions, only children at that center were able to participate. There were approximately 85 pre-school children in four classrooms who attended.

Allen HS Key Club advisor Steve Patterson was accompanied by 8 members of their club, who divided into pairs to assist children in each classroom. There were games, singing, and a cute art project that the children enjoyed. Meanwhile, club volunteers Enos Martin, Terry Kennedy and Tom Harp prepared our traditional chicken nugget lunch for the kids. So that classes did not intermingle, we served the food to each classroom. And of course, Todd Siegfried used his special connections to invite Santa to visit with the children. 

2021 LVCC Christmas Party 2
Santa thanks the Key Club
2021 LVCC Christmas Party 3

LVCC hired a professional photographer to take photos of each child with Santa, and to print them out for the children to take home. Terry brought some “goodie bag” items, but Santa’s helpers had supply chain issues, and did not have toys to hand out that day. Fortunately, his elves Enos and Tom were able to pick up boxes of toys at Toys for Tots the following Monday and deliver them to the center for distribution. It was wonderful to enjoy the party in person with the children. Hopefully, next year we will be able to return to hosting a bigger party to include two other LVCC centers.